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Welcome to Woodwork Supply - The Top Woodworking Brands Now in the UK
The Top Woodworking Brands Now in the UK

Tyler Lockheart (Bear)



Hey, I'm Tyler or as I'm known of social media 'Bear, I own Bearsworkshop Woodworking Co. We are a Hertfordshire based furniture company. We build custom pieces of furniture and are soon to be launching our own range (exciting).

We also offer a service of coming to the workshop to build your own table, in a safe environment where you can feel comfortable getting used to our awesome power and hand tools.

I have had a passion for making things since a young age and I learnt my skills whilst serving in the military. Two years ago with the support of my wife I have established my business and will be expanding in the new year.

Fun fact I'm a fan of Saturday morning cartoons and have an awesome Pokemon collection!.

WoodworkinSupply UK have been an important supplier of consumables for me from their Smirdex sanding disks, Starbond CA glue to being the UK&Ireland distributor of Wood Repair - which is awesome. It is a pleasure to now be able to work alongside them and promote their products.