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Clear Casting Epoxy Slow Setting UV-Resistant – CHILL ICE 2™

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This clear casting epoxy makes it possible to cast river tables up to 2 inches thick, up to 60L in a single casting, while maintaining its transparency and high precision. 

Clear casting epoxy CHILL ICE 2™ is a 100% reactive epoxy system with very low viscosity and high ultraviolet resistance. It's long pot life makes it possible to mix several litres and pour a large quantity of resin during the production of a river table. 

CHILL ICE 2™ offers an excellent bubble release and very low odour. It can be coloured with one of our CHILL DROPS™ liquid pigments. Store CHILL ICE 2™ on a pallet (do not store directly on the floor) or shelf @ 22 °C with a relative humidity of less than 60%. A cold environment will increase the viscosity of each component and a warmer environment will decrease it. 


  • Ideal for projects from 1.5" to 2” thick, in a single pour without the need to use a fan.

  • It is commonly used for the casting of river tables or bigger projects using moulds.

  • Very durable

  • 100% Solid and VOC-free

  • Water like viscosity to avoid bubbles

  • Can be colored with one of our CHILL DROPS™ or metallic pigments.

  • Very strong mechanical strength and stress resistance


  • Easy mixing ratio: 2:1 by volume or 100/42 by weight

  • Ideal working temperature: 22C /72F

  • Mixing time: 8-10 minutes minimum

  • Pot time: 600 minutes at 22C/72F  depending on volumes and room temperature

  • Cure time: 3-5 days depending on volume, room temperature, humidity level, and thickness of the casting

  • Recommended thickness per layer: 1.5"-2″ per layer.

  • Maximum thickness in a single pour: 2″ max

  • Cure appearance: Optical clarity

  • Viscosity: 200 CPS  Mixed – Very low viscosity for a better penetration

  • Recommended cleaning products: POLY CLEANER™  resin cleaner or isopropyl alcohol


Before using CHILL ICE 2™, be sure to mix Part A and B thoroughly. Minimize any air formation as much as possible, by gently combining the components for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes with a metal spatula. Mix exactly two parts of A with 1 part of B by volume (or 100 A / 42 B by weight) and mix evenly, making sure to scrape the edges and the bottom of your container. Since the pot life of the system is 500 minutes @ 22 ° C for a mass of 200 grams, be sure not to mix more material that can be applied within the recommended usable lifetime of the pot. 

It is also important to note that the pot lifetime will be shortened in a warmer environment and lengthened in a cooler climate, therefore the handling time will reflect the temperature level. Also, the greater the amount of resins to be mixed, the shorter tyour pot time will be. Uncured material can be easily cleaned using our POLY CLEANER™ or isopropyl alcohol.