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Wood Repair BCD 180 Knot Filler gun


The Wood Repair BCD 180 Knot Filler gun is a basic Knot Filler gun developed for Knot Filler application. It is perfect for window and floor installers, carpenters, maintenance, and DIY'ers who need to repair knots, cracks etc. in wood from time to time. 

  • Basic Knot Filler Gun with power cord
  • Accepts 12mm diameter sticks
  • Pre-adjusted temperature: 170°C
  • Pre-heat time: approx. 7 minutes
  • Changeable nozzle

Whats in your box?

  • 1 x Wood Repair BCD-180 Thermelt® Application Gun with user manual

How does it work?

Get started this easy:

1. Turn on the Wood Repair BCD-180 Knot Filler Gun and let it heat for 7 minutes.

2. Place your selected Thermelt® Knot Filler Stick into The Knot Filler Gun.

3. Shoot the Thermelt® Knot Filler into your knot or repair. Make sure to be quick and efficient in the application. 

4. Quickly and firmly place the cooling iron/block on the Thermelt® Knot Filler and let it cool off.

5. Slice off excess Knot Filler with the Flush Cutting Chisel. The Knot Filler repair is    ready for this when the cooling iron/block easily comes off the Knot Filler. 

6. Sand the repair with sanding paper - by hand or machine

7. You are now ready for surface treatment! Use oil, lacquer, stain, paint etc. 

•   Never place the Knot Filler gun on the side - leave in standing position
•   Never pull out a Knot Filler stick of the gun, as this will ruin the chamber! 
•   Seal the bag with Knot Filler after use.



 This is not a hotmelt glue or glue stick, but acts similarly.