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Epoxy Gel – High Performance Adhesive CHILL BOND 8111™

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CHILL BOND 8111™ High Performance Adhesive is a 100% solid and reactive two-component binder, therefore the component mixture will form a very highly thixotropic paste with a medium exothermic reaction.

It is also applicable on horizontal or vertical surfaces up to 1/16" thick and it can be used to structurally bond most rigid substrates such as wood, concrete, metal, and some thermosetting plastics. 

CHILL BOND 8111™ High Performance Adhesive  is ideal for bonding wood and metal parts in the woodworking industry. The advantage of  CHILL BOND 8111™ Epoxy Adhesive in comparison to standard one-part PVA wood adhesive is that it will fill any gaps and resist most chemical products. It will reach approximately 80% of its strength within 24 hours at 22°C, so the parts are easy to manipulate.


  •  Easy to mix, (1:1 Ratio)

  •  Impact-resistant

  •  Easy to apply

  •  High bond strength

  •  Non-sagging

  •  Highly thixotropic

  •  Low shrinkage

  •  Can be pigmented with the CHILL DROPS™ pigments


  • Easy Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume or 100/87 by weight

  • Ideal Working Temperature: 22C /72F

  • Mixing time: 5 minutes minimum until the color is uniform

  • Pot Time: 30 minutes at 22C/72F depending on volumes and room temperature

  • Cure Time: 24-36h depending on volume, room temperature, humidity level, and thickness

  • Recommended Thickness per Layer: up to 1/16" thick

  • Consistency: Thixotropic Gel

  • Recommended cleaning products: POLY CLEANER™ Resin Cleaner


All surfaces must be intact, hard, dry, and free from grease, oil, dust, oxidation and other contaminants that would prevent proper adhesion. Mix equal parts of A and B by volume until the color is uniform. Then, use a metal spatula to mix both components to reach total homogeneity. Next, scrape the bottom and sides of the container to ensure the parts are directed to the centre of the mass. 

To ensure good results on your assembly, make sure that your CHILL BOND 8111 ™ Adhesive fills all of the gaps between substrates that are being bonded together. Lastly, secure the assemblies with clamps if required. Uncured components are easy to clean by using the POLY CLEANER™.

Please consult POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES for more details based on your application.


We strongly recommend checking and validating your technique before going on to production. The success of your assembly to reach a proper structural bond are the following:

  • The precise ratio in weight or volume.

  • A homogeneous mix of components A & B,  using an appropriate mixing tool and applicable mixing time.

  • Proper surface preparation of the parts to assemble.

  • The assemblies must remain at 22°c for the total period of polymerization.