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Free UK Mainland Delivery on all orders over £80

Novoryt Hard Wax Set - 20 x 15g bars

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Using wax is a very easy and fast repair method. Novoryt wax is available in 2 types – soft and hard, and we stock approx. 60-70 standard colours of both types.  The many available colours make it easy to find the exact colour to match the wood.

Novoryt waxes are made from environmentally friendly ingredients, which make it harmless to the user and the environment.

Soft wax is suitable for small scratches and repairs on furniture and windows. 
Soft wax is, especially, used in places with less pressure and wear. It is easy to use as you simply rub the wax into the repair.
When the repair is filled with wax, you easily scrape or sand off excess wax. The repair is then ready for after-treatment.

Hard wax is suitable for larger surface repairs because it will harden after melting. 
Normally, hard wax is used for floors, furniture, kitchen tops and windows where the pressure is bigger.
Use a melting tool to melt the hard wax into the knot, crack, or scratch. When the repair is filled with wax you easily cut or sand off excess wax. The repair is now ready for after-treatment.

Whats in your bag

  • 1 x Hard wax set - 20 units

176 spruce lucent, 173 birdseye maple, 109 fir/spruce medium
168 pine heart, 111 oak nature, 112 oak medium, 118 dark beech
144 oliv oak, 119 walnut light, 113 bog oak, 171 beech nature
175 beech sober light, 114 cherry light, 106 pear
115 cherry dark, 123 macorè, 129 mahogany, 135 black
149 light grey, 142 special white