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Free UK Mainland Delivery on all orders over £80
Free UK Mainland Delivery on all orders over £80
Chill Epoxy - Official Reseller

Chill Epoxy - Official Reseller


POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has been formulating and producing epoxy, polyurethane and silicone systems for the industrial, aeronautical and artistic fields for over 25 years.

All products are formulated and produced with ultra-modern equipment and shipped internationally from their warehouses in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec in Canada.

The company has made a name for itself due to the extremely high quality of its 400 products, its technical knowledge of these and the impeccable quality of its customer service.

When CHILL EPOXY products leave their warehouses, they have been subjected to a multitude of ASTM quality control tests. A sample of each production batch is kept in their laboratories as a control sample for a period of 2 years. When the product leaves their warehouses, it completely meets their quality standards. If a batch verification request is necessary, then the control sample will be used to determine the product quality conformity. only sells the best and it is for this reason that we have selected Chill Epoxy from the multitude of Epoxy manufacturers around the world. 

The number one factor that drives us to stock a product is quality. With epoxy, this is critically important as a bad batch can destroy a valuable project.  Chill Epoxy gives us this peace of mind that every batch we receive exactingly meets their quality standards, 


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