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The Top Woodworking Brands Now in the UK

Metritrax Combo Track, Aluminium, Metric, c/w Tape Slot, 980mm


 Metritrax Extruded Aluminium Combo Track is in constant demand for every woodworking application from making your own router tables, drill press jigs, tenoning jigs, layout boards, fences, feather board tracks and everything else in between.

Metritrax Metric Combo Track is available in 980mm lengths and can easily be cut to size with a hack saw or on a mitre saw with an aluminium cutting blade.

Our Metric Combo Track is specially designed to accommodate a Metritrax Insert Tape Measure, which allows you to increase the  versatility of the jig and fence systems that you design and build.

Metritrax Combo Track has a metric T Slot and a Tape Slot on the top and a T Slot on the bottom.

Woodwork Supply UK also supplies the correct Metric rectangular nuts, knobs, bolts and hold down clamps enabling you to custom make any T-Track based jigging system you require.