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Metritrax Star Knobs, Large, M8, Plastic, Black Sold Individually


Metritrax Metric M8 Large Star Knobs are essential workshop items. They enable you to make jigs and assemblies quickly and easily. Simple insert a standard M8 Nut into the hexagonal recess in the knob and it is ready to use!

Whether you are making a one off jig, or a permanent jig or tool that requires hand tightening, Metritrax Star Knobs are ideal.

Diameter: 50mm

Height: 30mm

Also available in M6 size.

Please Note: Metritrax M8 Star Knobs require easily available standard M8 nuts which fit into the hexagonal socket in the knobs. M8 nuts are not supplied with the Star Knobs.

Woodwork Supply UK also stocks all of the Metritrax metric tracks, fences, nuts and bolts, enabling you to custom make any metric track or fence based jig systems you may require.