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The Top Woodworking Brands Now in the UK

Metritrax T-Track, Aluminium, Metric, 5 pack of 22cm lengths


Metritrax Extruded Aluminium Metric T-Track is in constant demand for every woodworking application from making your own router tables, drill press jigs, tenoning jigs, layout boards, assembly tables, fences, feather board tracks and everything else in between.

This 5 pack of shorter lengths is ideal to have in the workshop for all your jig building needs.Specifications:

  • Total Width: 18.97mm
  • Total Height: 12.70mm
  • Throat Width: 8.97mm
  • Internal Slot Height: 6.70mm
  • Internal Slot Width: 12.97mm
  • Total Length: 22cm

Woodwork Supply UK also supplies the correct Metric rectangular nuts, knobs & bolts enabling you to custom-make any T-Track based jigging system you require.