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The Top Woodworking Brands Now in the UK

Metritrax Track Tape, Metric, Reading R to L, Vinyl, 1200mm


Metritrax Right-to-Left Reading Metric Track Tapes fit firmly into all Metritrax Extruded Aluminium Tracks that features a Tape Slot. Made from hard wearing Vinyl, the Track Tapes are available in either a "Left to Right" or "Right to Left" reading format.

All Metritrax Track Tapes are 1200mm long and can be easily cut to any desired length.

Note: This version of Metritrax Track Tape does not have an adhesive back.

Woodwork Supply UK also stocks all of the Metritrax metric tracks, fences, knobs, nuts and bolts, enabling you to custom make any metric track or fence based jig systems you may require.